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3x molecular evolution preprints from Christine Queitsch’s group [review]

The group of Christine Queitsch (link) at Genome Sciences Dept (University of Washington) has recently released 3 manuscripts on @biorxiv that cover different aspects of molecular evolution. Before even reading them, I applaud the commitment to open access!
In an order that mildly reflects my personal interest, here they are:

1. Hsp90 promotes kinase evolution
Jennifer Lachowiec, Tzitziki Lemus, Elhanan Borenstein, Christine Queitsch
Comparison of the  evolutionary rates of many Hsp90 clients and non-clients in the human protein kinase superfamily, Not only client kinases evolve at higher rate, but this trait is conserved within gene duplicates.


2. The overdue promise of short tandem repeat variation for heritability.
Maximilian Press, Keisha D. Carlson, Christine Queitsch
They argue that short tandem repeat variants (STR) ‘are more likely than single nucleotide variants to have epistatic interactions’, and suggest that more accurate analyses and better analytical methods are required to appreciate their evolutionary consequences.


3. The conserved PFT1 tandem repeat is crucial for proper flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana
Pauline Rival, Maximilian O Press, Jacob Bale, Tanya Grancharova, Soledad F Undurraga, Christine Queitsch
It shouldn’t come as a surprise after the previous paper that they have evidence for strong positive selection of (a) STR and how this influences phenotype as well as ‘optimal molecular function’.


A very nice set of papers on the potential of molecular evolution and the (still scarcely characterised) correlation between molecular properties, phenotypes and fitness. Hopefully we’ll see these manuscripts published very soon.

Comments and reviews are very welcome.


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