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Of Post-Publication PeerReview and 2015

January is a good time to set goals for the year to come. Judging from the success tags as #365papers and #52papers are having on Twitter, I’m not the only one that would like to read ‘properly’ (as supposed to quickly scroll through) a few more papers in 2015.
But then, the time available for post-publication peer review is usually limited, and one can only read so many papers on their own. The hashtags mentioned above are a goldmine of papers that have been read and considered worth sharing. For each one of them, there is at least one person that has read it carefully, and is likely to have an opinion.

The new 2015PostPubRev category on this blog (also on Twitter) aims at harvesting and expanding these individual, 140 characters-long efforts into short posts where the good and/or the bad of each paper can be spelled out*. Anyone** can contribute their paper of the day, and discussion will be kept strictly public.

I hope you will accept my #2015PostPubRev challenge.


* Let’s leave the ugly for more suitable locations as PubPeer and PubMedCommons
** Email/DM me with an email address to be added as guest blog author.

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