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The importance of mentorship and career guidance in academic training

Here is brief reminder that academic skills (“number of high impact papers”) are not the only goals of graduate and post-doctoral training. Most graduates will not pursue an academic career – they couldn’t even if they wanted to. Many professors however have not been trained outside their academic expertise and therefore may not have the necessary skills to pass on to their students. Skills that allow a student to confidently present their work to any audience, to self-manage, to network, to be a leader, and so on. If we are lucky we can develop these skills under the guidance of our supervisors and mentors. I think the largest gap in academic training is to provide sufficient “exit paths” into non-academic careers and to perceive these paths in a positive light (success instead of failure).

About Tobias Sikosek

Researcher in Computational Biophysics and Protein Evolution at the University of Toronto

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