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On finding my own way

It’s been a long time since I have written here. Turns out planning a wedding and finishing a semester in gradschool is enough to keep you wishing for more hours in the day. BUT I AM BACK! And I know I owe you some posts…. haven’t forgotten about the new celebrity scientists or my post about chemophobia. Also I am really making an effort to organize myself so I can write at least one post a month. But before I do that I want to just pause a second and reflect on where I am going as a researcher and how writing here is helping me get there.

For those of you who are reading me for the first time I am doing a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Educational Policy with a focus on Science Education. What does this mean? Good question… Well the Learning Sciences part means I study how people learn and why. And long story short the field is very young and though we have learned a lot over the last 50 years there are still lots of things unanswered. The Educational Policy part means I can understand the reasons (political, organizational, financial, logical, etc) behind educational policy. When I say can I mean in a work in progress kind of way. But the important thing to understand about policy as that it is very nuanced and there are always things left unsaid that need to be researched in order to understand completely. The Science Education part i think is self-explanatory ;).

But what does that have to do about writing here? Well… I specifically focus on the reason behind the lack of women and racial minorities in science. One could also say the focus of my research as to who has the power of knowledge in science. Is it society? The scientists? White males? Teachers? Students? Writing here has allowed me to develop ideas and explore topics that I wouldn’t be able to do on a gradschool paper because the thoughts on my head are still to rough. So far I have focused a lot on the perception society has on science and famous scientists. I want to open up a little bit more and explore some new topics this year

One of the of the topics is the science educational policy in the US. I think this topic will become more important during the election cycle (if they even touch on it). Regardless of political affinity I think a discussion of what the policies the candidates are presenting are and are not is necessary to make informed decisions. The other topic I want to develop is the topic of chemophobia and what evidences we have so far about this being a term that chemists invented or whether this is a real thing happening in society. Finally, I plan to write more about girls in science though how specifically I still don’t know.

So… let’s get this blogging year started shall we?

Looking forward to read you 🙂

– Paulette



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