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Poll: Have dissertations outlived their usefulness in science?

Several friends of mine have been recently finishing their Ph.D. dissertations, which of course were the cause of much stress: they tend to be quite long (100+ pages usually) and … Continue reading

15/07/2015 · 12 Comments

Discovering genetic variants from de novo assembly of high-throughput sequencing

High-throughput sequencing is dominating genetics research (and a lot of biotech) because of its speed, low cost, and the resulting abundance of data.  But it still has some major shortcomings.  … Continue reading

02/05/2015 · Leave a comment

Experimental reconstruction of a neutral network for a protein-protein interaction

The structure of fitness landscapes — the mapping of DNA or protein sequences to organismic fitness (or a proxy) — is a central problem in evolutionary biology.  Even in this … Continue reading

27/04/2015 · Leave a comment

MaxEnt: the Second Law of Thermodynamics as a modeling principle in biology

Most people who’ve taken introductory physics probably remember learning the famous “Second Law of Thermodynamics”: in a closed system, entropy never decreases.  Roughly speaking, we can think of entropy as … Continue reading

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The distribution of mutational effects in yeast

I think it’s fair to say that uncovering the distribution of mutational effects is one of the central problems (if not the central problem) in molecular evolution and genetics today.  … Continue reading



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