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Why I won’t go to the #ScienceMarch

This is a difficult post to write. Not because I am not sure about what I think and feel but because many scientists have tried to express their worries with … Continue reading

01/03/2017 · 2 Comments

Academia no more: 1.5 years on

In April 2015, I wrote Academia no more about the reasons that brought me to leave Academia for a job in Industry. PHD Comics: Academic Deadlines by Jorge Cham / PhD Comics … Continue reading

21/09/2016 · Leave a comment

On finding my own way

It’s been a long time since I have written here. Turns out planning a wedding and finishing a semester in gradschool is enough to keep you wishing for more hours … Continue reading

29/01/2016 · 1 Comment

The STEM pipeline as a an analogy and why it is problematic

So, for the last few weeks I have been thinking on the concept of the STEM pipeline as a descriptor of science career and why I think this is problematic. … Continue reading

22/10/2015 · 2 Comments

Helping each other write better science

Hi everyone I am back ! According to wordpress my last post was 3 months ago !!! That is way to long without writing, this new semester has been really … Continue reading

16/10/2015 · 1 Comment

The importance of mentorship and career guidance in academic training

Here is brief reminder that academic skills (“number of high impact papers”) are not the only goals of graduate and post-doctoral training. Most graduates will not pursue an academic career – they … Continue reading

24/06/2015 · Leave a comment

Academia no more.

After a couple of months in the work limbo, I can now officially say that I have left Academia and will be soon contributing to the raise of a major biotech … Continue reading

23/04/2015 · 6 Comments


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