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Experimental reconstruction of a neutral network for a protein-protein interaction

The structure of fitness landscapes — the mapping of DNA or protein sequences to organismic fitness (or a proxy) — is a central problem in evolutionary biology.  Even in this … Continue reading

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No conservation of protein dynamics in enzyme evolution

Today’s #365papers is about the topics of protein dynamics, their role in enzymes and some insights into their role in evolution. Maintenance of Native-like Protein Dynamics May Not Be Required for Engineering … Continue reading

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An ‘invincible’ antibiotic that is bound to be defeated

The following paper was published as recently as yesterday, but already caused a bit of a stir on social media. Let’s see why. A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable … Continue reading

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Resource allocation in Synthetic Biology [review]

What do you do to improve the efficiency of a system in which a key component P is used by multiple ‘effector’ mechanisms Si? At first, one might be tempted to … Continue reading

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Fitness landscape analysis illuminates drug treatments [review]

An interesting manuscript in bioRxiv describes the computational analysis of fitness peaks in characterised drug-resistant bacteria to iterate the importance of ‘mixed drugs’ treatments. The use of more than one antibiotic … Continue reading

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On the importance of proving the obvious [review]

A few days back I stumbled across a new publication: Substrate Deconstruction and the Nonadditivity of Enzyme Recognition Curious, I scanned through the abstract, to find the following sentence: “… substrates … Continue reading

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[review] Comprehensive mutational scanning of a kinase in vivo reveals context dependent fitness landscapes

Comprehensive mutational scanning of a kinase in vivo reveals context dependent fitness landscapes Alexandre Melnikov, Peter Rogov, Li Wang, Andreas Gnirke, Tarjei S Mikkelsen This paper was recently … Continue reading

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