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Synthetic biology, what are you?

“Synthetic biology is an interdisciplinary branch of biology and engineering.” That’s the first sentence in Wikipedia’s article on synthetic biology. While this sounds simple enough, it has huge implications. Biology as a science … Continue reading

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Data mining & image-based phenotyping: The fight against plant disease

Current predictions for food security in the year 2050 look pretty dire to be honest. If the global population reaches the forecasted ~9 billion, then our overall food production will somehow … Continue reading

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One assembly standard to rule them all?

Do you remember, what you have been doing in 2003? I was 14, hanging out in a German High School and having a lot of different things in my mind … Continue reading

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A Time for Transcription (Factors)

I’ve been postponing this post for a while, hoping to find the time to expand the analysis, but time seems to elude me at present, so I’ve decided to condense my thoughts … Continue reading

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Of Transcription Factors, their Evolution and Mechanism of Action

Transcription factors (TFs) play a key role in any biological system, and not surprisingly are being the centre of a continuous stream of papers. I recently covered the contrasting evidence for … Continue reading

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The dual role of Transcription Factors in protein evolution, revisited

In December 2013, Stergachis and colleagues published a high-profile paper on the dual role Transcription Factors (TFs) might have as a consequence of their binding to protein coding regions. This observation could … Continue reading

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Synthetic biology made circular [preprint]

Clever use of group I permuted intron-exon sequences to obtain circular riboregulators that performs better than their linear counterparts. For the whole story, read the preprint on @bioRxiv Engineering a … Continue reading

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Resource allocation in Synthetic Biology [review]

What do you do to improve the efficiency of a system in which a key component P is used by multiple ‘effector’ mechanisms Si? At first, one might be tempted to … Continue reading

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