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#Plutoflyby showed a side of scientists people rarely get to see… that we are people with feelings

It is very rare that people outside science can catch a glimpse of what it feels to accomplish something in science. Scientists don’t receive a huge media coverage when a … Continue reading

15/07/2015 · 1 Comment

The importance of mentorship and career guidance in academic training

Here is brief reminder that academic skills (“number of high impact papers”) are not the only goals of graduate and post-doctoral training. Most graduates will not pursue an academic career – they … Continue reading

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Beyond the Career Gap: The message the Tim Hunt saga is sending to girls

I avoided writing about Tim Hunt. I felt I didn’t have anything new to add to the conversation because there had been so many great pieces outlining why comments like … Continue reading

21/06/2015 · 9 Comments

Chapter 1: Stephen Hawking or how if Sheldon Cooper existed in real life he wouldn’t worship a scientific celebrity

Welcome to the second installment in my review and thoughts about the book “The new celebrity scientists” by Declan Fahy!  If you missed the first post here is a link … Continue reading

07/04/2015 · 3 Comments

Quality vs Quantity in European Universities

Just a quick note inspired by the World University Rankings 2014-15 published by The Times Higher Education. And restricted to European Countries. To get a better picture of how different Countries … Continue reading

30/03/2015 · 2 Comments

“Never judge a book by its cover” Or My thoughts before reading The New Celebrity Scientists by Declan Fahy

As an avid reader (If we trust my goodreads 214 books in ten years) I have always praised myself for not judging a book by its cover. Thanks to that I … Continue reading

21/03/2015 · 6 Comments

The letter by 55 Italian MPs about ‘three-parents-babies’ shows how marginal Science is in Italian society

I have to say the news that 55 Italian MPs have written to the House of Lords (via The Times) urging for a rejection of the three-parent-babies law recently approved by the … Continue reading

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Editorial: Mining the #365papers stream

2015 has started under the promising light of the #365papers star. It kicked-off as sort of a challenge, a provocative question that might sound like: do people that build their career on … Continue reading

22/01/2015 · 1 Comment

Of Post-Publication PeerReview and 2015

January is a good time to set goals for the year to come. Judging from the success tags as #365papers and #52papers are having on Twitter, I’m not the only one that would like to read ‘properly’ (as … Continue reading

05/01/2015 · 1 Comment

bioRxiv at one: great achievements come with great responsibilities

In a recent piece on Science, Jocelyn Kaiser nicely highlights the reasons why the first 12 months of biorRxiv can be considered a success. Twitter has been echoing of messages of appraisal. … Continue reading

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