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biomolbioandco is an idea of Pietro Gatti-Lafranconi.

Former academic, I now work in R&D at Illumina.

When not too busy running behind my little daughter, I edit this blog, and occasionally write about science, publishing and policies (and films).
Opinions reported here are mine and do not reflect those of my employer.

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Sophie Mathias
Biology & Business Masters Student
University of Warwick.
Writes about: dataviz, science.
see all posts by Sophie

Paulette Vincent-Ruzpaulette
PhD student in Learning Sciences and Policy
University of Pittsburgh.
Writes about: science education, science in society.
see all posts by Paulette

Daniel Sachs
PhD Student
Rosser Group, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Writes about: synthetic biology.
see all posts by Daniel

Millie Stanton
PhD Student
John Innes Cntre, Norwich (UK)
Writes about: plant sciences.
see all posts by Millie

squirrel_meMarjon de Vos
Wageningen University
Writes about: molecular evolution, antibiotics, bacteria.
see all posts by Marjon

michaelMichael Manhart
Harvard University
Writes about: molecular biophysics, molecular evolution, synthetic biology, science policy.
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Rohan Dandage
Graduate Student
Institute of Integrative Genomics and Biology
New Delhi.
see all posts by Rohan

tobiasTobias Sikosek
Computational Biologist
University of Toronto.
Writes about: preprints ; molecular evolution and biophysics.
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