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Beyond the STEM pipeline

I haven’t written a post in a long time. Also I have struggled a lot on what to write and how to talk about it. But I have finally settled … Continue reading

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Authors Contribution Statement: Essential or Redundant?

More than a year ago, I asked Twitter what people thought of the Authors Contribution Statement on scientific papers. Science Publishing Survey: How much do you value the ‘Authors Contribution’ … Continue reading

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The letter by 55 Italian MPs about ‘three-parents-babies’ shows how marginal Science is in Italian society

I have to say the news that 55 Italian MPs have written to the House of Lords (via The Times) urging for a rejection of the three-parent-babies law recently approved by the … Continue reading

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bioRxiv at one: great achievements come with great responsibilities

In a recent piece on Science, Jocelyn Kaiser nicely highlights the reasons why the first 12 months of biorRxiv can be considered a success. Twitter has been echoing of messages of appraisal. … Continue reading

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Why #AlternateScienceMetrics was a success

If you were under a rock or off Twitter yesterday, be sure to check #AlternateScienceMetrics for a laugh! — realscientists (@realscientists) July 31, 2014 For those of you that were … Continue reading

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women in research, gender equality (and salary)

Earlier today I came across the analysis by SciDev.Net about the – rather surprising – mapping of female researchers in different countries (Europe shown  below) What surprised me the most is that the … Continue reading

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To Open Access, then Beyond

UK universities (as Cambridge) and funding bodies (Wellcome Trust) have recently released their APCs for the last years. Much has been written and discussed on the topic (a small selection: here here and here) … Continue reading

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